IRIE - REGGAE(レゲエ)ミュージック・動画・ファッション


【MIXCD】 Chinese Assassin - Kill Or Be Killed 3

IRIE - REGGAE(レゲエ)ミュージック・動画・ファッション

Kill Or Be Killed 3

1.Changing The Game - (Dj Plee Intro)
2.Whodini Ft Demarco (Dj Plee Remix) - True Friend
3.Di Genius (Single) - Cyaan Friend Again
4.Vybz Kartel Ft J.T Money (Dj Plee Remix) - Marie
5.Rhianna (Remix Intro) - Hard
6.Code Red (Interlude) - Lame Ass Wack Cds
7.Dj Khalid Ft Movado And Shyne (Remix) - All My Life
8.Rhianna (Dj Plee Megamix) - Hard
9.Black Eye Peas (Remix Intro) - Imma Be
10.Jah Vinci (Dj Plee Remix) - Wine Pon It
11.Redman Ft Cassidy (Intro Remix) - Time For New Flavor
12.Black Eye Peas (Remix) - Imma Be
13.Iyaz (Remix) - Replay
14.Busy Signal Ft Twins Of Twins (Duck Megamix) - Food Fi The Pot
15.Elephant Man (Duck) - Gal Yu Have Yu Own
16.Vybz Kartel (Dna) - Turn And Wine
17.Aidonia (Dna) - Wine Up Yuh Body
18.Buju Banton (Dna) - Gal
19.Laden (Dna) - Bike Ride
20.Movado (Roof Top) - House Top
21.Charlie Black (Roof Top) - Turn Me On
22.Capleton (Steel Frog) - Lip Lip Lip
23.Elephant Man (Steel Frog) - Control Him
24.Mr. Vegas (Steel Frog) - Dance
25.Ritchie Feelings (Steel Frog) - Crocuss Bag A Tings
26. Macka Diamond (Steel Frog) - Baby Fadda
27.Madonna Ft Vybz Kartel (Dj Plee Remix) - Like A Virgin
28.Twins Of Twins (Single) - Mix Up
29.Vybz Kartel Ft Gaza Indu (Single) - Know Bout Me
30.Ricky Blaze Ft Ding Dong (Single) - So Fly
31.Vybz Kartel (Single) - Thank Yuh Jah
32.Gaza Kim Ft Shebba (Bus Park) - Call Call Call
33.Pop Corn (Bus Park) - Tongue Ring
34.Vybz Kartel (Bus Park) - Never
35.Vybz Kartel (Bus Park) - Raper Boy
36.Xyclone (Remix) - In The Building
37.Dr. Evil (Bullah Remix) - This Is Why Its Hot
38.Shawn Storm (Dj Plee Sneak- A-Remix) - Gal Pon Di Side
39.Deva Brat (Formation) - Nyphomaniac
40.Kiprich (Formation) - U No Hear
41.Patexx (Formation) - Rise
42.Sustain (Formation) - Fake
43.Vybz Kartel Ft Shebba (Single) - Mi Nah
44.Stein Ft Flexxx (Single) - Look Her
45.Busy Signal (Jafrican) - Bare Gal
46.Busy Signal (Jafrican) - Jafrican Ting
47.Vybz Kartel (Single) - Stab Her To Death
48.Tiffa (Single) - Shut Yuh Eye
49.Beenie Man (Single) - Swagga And Flow
50.Vybz Kartel Ft Mj (Dj Plee Remix) - Dem Fraid A Mi
51.Interlude - No More Wack Fuking Cds
52.Stein (Dj Plee Remix) - When She Call Me
53.Elephant Man (Remix) - Breed It
54.Bounty Killer (Dj Plee Megamix Remix) - Killing
55.Bounty Killer Ft Elephant Man (Dj Plee Remix) - Tear Dis Dance Apart
56.Busy Signal Ft Shyne (Dj Plee Megamix Remix) - Murderer
57.Demarco (Mist) - Rude Bwoy Town
58.Anthony B (Mist) - Squeeze Off
59.Demarco (Heat) - Wine
60.Xyclone Ft Lil Wayne (Dj Plee Remix) - Pussy Tight
61.Movado Ft Stacious (Single) - Come Into My Room
62.Stacious (Lisa Hype Diss) - No Freak
63.Assailant Ft Flawless (Gaza Diss) - Try Nuh
64.Assailant (Gyaad Dem) - Pon Di Hustling
65.Bling Dawg (Gyaad Dem) - Pressure
66.Busy Signal (Gyaad Dem) - Im So High
67.Interlude - I See Dead People
68.Capleton (Dlf Remix Intro) - Love Bun Down
69.Aidonia (Outro) - Real And Proper




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